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Learn About Autism


The characteristic behaviors of autism spectrum disorders may or may not be apparent in infancy, but usually become obvious during early childhood. Learn more about the signs.


There are no medical tests for diagnosing autism. An accurate diagnosis must be based on observation of the individual’s communication, behavior and developmental levels. Read more.


The treatment is found through therapies. The symptoms of autism may be reduced with early recognition, in addition to behavioral and educational therapies. Read more.


The Autism Society recognizes the importance of intensive early intervention for young children across the autism spectrum. Learn more about early intervention.


Many parents seek out assistance from education or disability advocates. Read more about support agencies that may help your family.


Many of the behaviors associated with autism are shared by other disorders. Learn more about how to get an accurate diagnosis to distinguish between autism and other disorder.

Education and Autism


The first step in obtaining special education services is for your child to be evaluated.

IDEA & Your Child's Rights

IDEA is a federal law that guarantees a free and appropriate public education for every child with a disability. Learn more about IDEA.

Least Restrictive Options

When faced with the challenge of selecting an appropriate placement for a child, parents and professionals need to understand the concept of “least restrictive environment” (LRE). 

Placement Options

Parents need to be aware of the educational rights and the placement options available. There is not a “one-size-fits-all” model for the education of children with disabilities. 


If a child already receives special education services, the above standards apply for re-evaluation. A re-evaluation must take place at least every three years.  Learn more about this process.

The IEP Meeting

After an evaluation has been done, the IEP meeting will be scheduled. Read more about the IEP meeting.

Unique Needs & Abilities

Just as there are various treatment approaches, there are multiple educational programs that provide stimulating learning environments.

CVASA Lending Library

The CVASA Lending Library is home to a variety of useful literature on autism. Learn more about how to utilize the CVASA Lending Library.

CVASA Technology Center

The CVASA Technology Center is a great resource provided to individuals with autism. Read more about resources that can help educate your child.

CVASA Resource Guide

A comprehensive guide put together by CVASA that includes information on local, state and national resources, as well as medical and therapeutic information. Offered at no cost, these packets have been an extremely popular and valuable resource for families with newly diagnosed children, teachers, and other professionals. The CVASA packets are available in English and Spanish and distributed throughout the Coachella Valley. An integral part of our Information Packets is our CVASA Resource Guide, a comprehensive listing of resources available in the Coachella Valley and Riverside for families and professionals.

Reference to any treatment, therapy, program and service or treatment provider in this resource guide is not an endorsement by CVASA of such treatment, therapy, program, service or provider. References are not intended to be comprehensive statements of all available options, programs services or providers. You should investigate all options and alternatives to determine which may appropriate for a specific individual CVASA assumes no responsibility for the use made of any information provided by CVASA in this guide.

We realize that information is constantly changing. As soon as this guide is printed, someone will have changed a phone number or address. If that happens, please contact us so that we can make the appropriate changes.

If you know of a resource not listed and would like us to consider it for our next resource guide, please send the name, address, and phone number with a brief explanation to:

Coachella Valley Autism Society of America
PO Box 11052
Palm Desert, CA 92255

We sincerely hope this CVASA Family Resource Guide will be of help to you!

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